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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Playground Entertainment.

As the end of the school year approaches people and things can start to fray at the edges.  Most teachers would know about this.  Today was one of those days, fortunately for me I enjoyed today's unravelling, although I must say its not always the case!  I must have got up on the right side of the bed this morning.

It began when I noticed two clusters of students in my class gathered around an ipod touch.  The first group I noted but didn't follow up on, a few minutes later, passing the second group warning bells went off in the corners of my mind.  I went over and gathered the ipod into my hand. Hmm, not what I was hoping to see.  An app that was meant for putting in appropriate words to make a story, had very inappropriate words placed in the story - a good number of known sexual words that are within the range of a Year 7 boy it turns out.  Far from subtle inquiries identified the culprit who was reminded of his ICT signed contract from the beginning of the year, and then banned from using all computers, and digital devices for the remainder of the term.  He accepted it all, said he had done it because he wanted to appear 'cool'.  The ban will hurt as we do a lot of work with computers and are completing work on Gamestar Mechanic at the moment. End of story!

I then proceeded to my duty in the playground.  We have an half hour break, the first teacher does 15 minutes duty and then has their lunch.  I was on first duty.  The 15 minutes were not boring.  I note one of my class endeavouring to climb in the class window.  He is being his best affronted self.  He shouts at me that he is having a dreadful day.  As I have seen how happy he has been most of the day I tell him so. He amends it to a dreadful afternoon!  "Mates" inform me he has kicked someone - a five year old.  My 11 year old says 5 year old spat at him and used the "f" word.  I eye him and say that is no excuse you are 5 or 6 years older than him. I ordered him to come with me.  He walked a little way and then said,  "I am not moving any further".  Hmm okay!  I give him my best steely look and say. "Come with me".  "Fine" he says in his best 2 year old voice.  We arrive inside and I direct him to sit him in the time out space.  "No" is the reply. Same steely eye and firm voice, and 11 yr old going on two, settles ungraciously into time out space!  I need to then walk through staff room to explain the sobbing outside and request "no sympathy" for the 'victim.'

I then think I better have a word with said 5 year old.  I crouch down to his level and explain we don't use the "f" word at our school.  He says he can't stop saying it.  I commiserate but explain I think he can stop using it, after awhile he agrees!!

I start to circle the playground.  A boy rushes past me, saying J..... said she would show me her........
(He is telling on her).  I think to myself as far as I know that is a reference to a boy part, but well... I'm not sure and think I must check that one out later in the staffroom.  (Chuckles in said room when I tell the story, confirm for me I'm right).  However I let it all go because....

Just nearby a door from a toilet is being kicked from the inside, and the roar of the caretaker is coming from another cubicle. I stop and demand that the 'kicker' come out.  He does so saying the boy who is lounging nearby made him do it.  I have no doubt said boy is involved but with my steely eye I explain we are all responsible for our own actions.

Three paces further along, a woeful group of girls gather around a wounded one. Two slightly skinned knees, one bleeding.  I take her to the first aid room and patch her up, donning glove first because I know I will be in trouble with our chief first aider if I am caught mopping up without one on.  The young 5 or 6 year old girl explains they have been playing a silly game of vampires and she tripped getting away.  I refrain from making a comment about blood and vampires and having patched her up, return to patrol.

I think I had better take a turn through the junior classrooms as there are still some slow eaters in there.  I am met by six year old girl who tells me a story about some one going to tell on her because....don't ask me I didn't really follow the story!  I just said, "You know in the order of things that is rather minor." The wind goes out of her sails, she smiles and says. "I know".  However another worried look crosses her face and she says,  "But she is going to tell the Principal."  I reply, "You can take it from me, the Principal is very busy and very tired today, she has no chance of getting heard by him, I know that for a fact."  (I've had to battle my way in to arrange end of the year things and rearrange things to fit in with his timetable, so I just KNOW she has no chance).  She is totally reassured and I go on my way.

Well that was 15 minutes of my day, very entertaining.  Roll on the holidays!

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