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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Monday, What are you Reading?

It is Monday and again I am joining in the meme over at Mentor Texts.
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It's awhile since I took part in this, reading dwindled to a stop as the final term of the year encroached and writing reports and end of year functions took precedence.

This was my read aloud to the class book for this final term.  We had read Because of Mr Terupt in 2011 and were looking forward to this one.  I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment for me, it seemed to lack a main focus. However the students enjoyed it and I see one of them has given it four stars on Goodreads to my three stars.

Newbery winner for 2012 is where I became becalmed in my reading, so over the weekend I finished it.  As it is semi autobiographical, it read a little like a memoir. I enjoyed the humour and especially enjoyed the Grim Reaper visit to Mrs Dubicki's place. Also liked the relationship of Jack and  Miss Volker.  A possible read aloud for 2013. Will have to see what else I read over the summer holidays.

What to read next?  My bookworm students have some words of recommendation to me:
Monique says -

The most amazing book I’ve read is Gone. That’s the title by the way.  It took me awhile to read, as it is quite thick.  But it was DEFINITELY worth the time! The book is by Michael Grant, of whom I look up to greatly as an author. The book is the first of a series of five, these are the names of all the books, Gone, hunger, Lies, (I’m reading that one right now)  Plague and Fear.
I will not explain Gone, it’s too complex. Hence the reason for you to read it, otherwise you will never know.

Jordan says -
Another book I really enjoyed was one of my own books that I got given for my birthday. The second book in the cherub series, Class A.
This book is one of those ones when all you want to do is sit down and finish it off.  I would recommend finishing the first book in the series before you read this one.

Simone says -
Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry, a New Zealand author. She has a really unique and quirky way of writing that’s really interesting and I really enjoyed this book. Back in January this year I also read another book by her called Lots Of Love From Georgia. It is a really good book and I recommend you read some books by her. She wrote another book called Juicy Writing that you read out to the class last year for some writing study. There is some really good tips in there for writing and I really like all of the books by her that I’ve read, but Guitar Highway Rose was by far the best one yet :D

The Rosie Black Chronicles - Book one AND two. The first book, Genesis, was recommended to me by Carol, (librarian) and I really really enjoyed it, so much that I read the sequel, Equinox, which was equally as great. In November, the third book in the series came out, it’s called Dark Star, and I hope to get it for Christmas. But since it took ages to come out, I might need to reread the first two books so I get the hang of what’s happening because I forgot some stuff that may be required to be in your head for Dark Star. Other than that, a really great series :)

Teegan says -
My favourite books from this year were Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, The Scorpio Races by Jo Knowles, Divergent By Veronica Roth ( I didn’t like Insurgent that much) Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari and Eve by Anna Carey. All these books except for Little brother are dystopian so I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite genre. 

I have been given these recommendations and I will certainly follow up with Little Brother and Eve as Teegan suggests at some stage. In fact hoping to read all the suggestions!

For this week I am going to read:

Leviathan by Scott Westerfield, a favourite of Moniques.  She drew a calendar picture that is going to hang in the classroom for 2013, so I need to read the book so that I can interpret the picture!  She assures me it is good.


  1. Inspired that you have your students also sharing their book recommendations!

  2. Your students have some great recommendations! I have added quite a few books to my to-read list.

  3. I keep meaning to check out the Cherub series. Adding it to my list now! http://wp.me/pzUn5-1l7

  4. Great to hear 'all' the recommendations. I have heard that the 2nd Mr. Terrupt is not as good & I loved that 1st one! FYI-I liked Little Brother a lot, & I listened to Dead End-very fun with the quirky characters! Thanks & happy vacation, Kathryn!


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