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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Digital Storytelling in Class

This term I have been trialling a little digital storytelling, using a green screen.  I had read Digital Storytelling in the Classroom by Jason Ohler and also read and viewed some of his work on his website.

Firstly we explored planning and writing a story using Jason Ohler's idea for story planning, using a visual portrait of a story.  Students then drafted their story, edited it and then chose pictures from flickrcc, gathering attributions as they went,  or drew their own background drawings.

They then read their story in front of a green screen while a classmate filmed it.  We just did not have the time for students to 'tell' their story, reading was an option that allowed us to move through to some completion.  However at another time we might go for this option.

Students are still in the process of gathering pictures, filming and editing.  We only have the one computer to edit on, using Adobe Premier Elements 10.  This is their first time using this software, so once one student has finished editing they guide the next one through it.

It will be next term before we finish, but already with one student completely finished, and a few more almost so, I think we will one day reach the end of the experience. At one stage I thought I was biting off more than we could chew, however in a few weeks we should  be able to reflect on it and see what we might do another time.

Here Daniel - Year 7 reads his story.

And Teegan - Year 8 shares hers.


  1. what fun! How cool to see the process that you used to create these movies too, wow!

  2. Dear students,

    Wow! Fabulous story telling! The writing, the reading, the visuals...love it!

    Well done!

    What was the most difficult part for Daniel and Teegan?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis


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