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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Digital Class and Teacher!

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What equipment does a class need to be a digital class?
This was one of the areas of exploration that took place as part of a webinar that Murcha alerted me to last week.  Deciding that I could be brave and join in, I took part.  My first experience of a live webinar.  Of course the bravery came from the fact I felt very secure in the fact that after the teacher blogging challenge I felt comfortable with anything that Murcha would be helping to organise and moderate. I was amazed at the dedication of the teachers who joined from some late time zones.  I loved the interaction of the webinar. As Murcha writes in her post just recently, and why wouldn't students be doing this too?  My mind begins to tick over.

 I already have earmarked the next one, when Linda Yollis will be the guest speaker. Over the last few years through the class and student blogging challenge I have seen the great work she does.  I just know I will learn.

So back to the question about equipment. 

I have 5 desktop computers and 5 laptops in my classroom. They have access to the internet and work of the school server.

I have a set of headphones for each computer.

I have my teacher laptop.  It has a built in microphone.

I have a digital camera for photos and video clips. I am about to add another.

I have one simple free standing microphone.

I have a digital computer over my whiteboard.

3 of the students are trialling using their own ipod touches for classroom use.

This is more than adequate and I am grateful for what I have. (Of course I dream of ipads etc!) Our policy is to have the hardware in the classrooms rather than as a school suite. I am a fan of how we do this.  We are too small, just over 120 students for a dedicated suite and ICT coordinator.

Each year I have grown as a digital class teacher.  The edublogs challenges have largely been resonsible for this.  The other part of the equation is that I have an interest and belief in it. Well, I love it, actually.  It is such a wonderful thing to be able to learn and share with other teachers and students around the globe. All the time new doors are opening.

There is one disadvantage to all this as far as I can see.  I have things to do outside the digital community! Yesterday, being Saturday, I had a NO COMPUTER DAY!  It was great, time to do the shopping and housework. Then time spent with a friend walking and swimming at the beach, with dinner later.  Yes definitely important for me to stay away from it one day a week!

So how about you?  What kind of digital equipment do you have to use as part of your daily teaching? What do you dream of having? What exciting new learnings are opening up for you?  And do you ever factor in no computer days for yourself?!


  1. Dear Ms. T,
    I am impressed with all the things you have in your classroom.
    I was wondering if you've ever used cell phones to do digital video. I've been experimenting with iPhone apps to do this and even the Androids have some pretty cool apps. I am just wondering if it isn't more cost effective to do something like than buying a camera.
    Thanks for writing about all the equipment that you have in your classroom.


  2. Marsha
    What a good idea re the phones. I must ask my students do any of them have the ability to shoot video or indeed photos with them. The cameras I am talking about cost about $100 (Canon) and do a good job of videoing up close.


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