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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Add a picture/ link in your side bar.

Recently one of my students, Teegan, intrigued me with a link in the side bar of her blog to our class blog. It had a picture of the blog.  Last Friday she shared with me what she had done.  It also gave me a chance to try out the new Snip It tool I have, since our teacher computers were updated to Windows 7.

1. Step one was to capture a screen shot of the blog. I used the snip it tool, I would suppose you can use any capture tool, or even just a simple screen shot.

2. Place the screen shot into Paint and resize.  Click on pixels. These are the dimensions she used. You will need to experiment and see which size fits your side bar.

3.Save it as a jpeg or some other suitable file.
4.Then upload it into a post in visual editor, before placing it in the post, change the link url to where you want the picture to link to. Then insert it in the post.

5.Change to the HTML editor. And copy the code!
6. Depending on the blogging platform now place it in a text widget if you use Wordpress/Edublogs. If Blogger then into a HTML/Java gadget. And save.

If you then see that the sizing does not fit, change the sizing in the html code, and it should be good.

I like this if there is one or two special blogs you want to link to.  For example on my class blog when the student challenge starts in March this will be the way I will place a link to it.


  1. Hi Kathryn, I remember reading in the blogging challenge that you were going to pursue this student and ask how she added the image to her sidebar. Kids are amazing. If they want to do somthing, they keep pushing buttons and experimenting until they succeed. Thanks for sharing this post on how to do it. Do you have a link to Teegan's blog to put within the actual post, so that readers can see what she did as well as read what she did. Encourage her to write a similar post so that her readers will benefit as well.
    I see that you added your blog image and Teegan's on the side, but others may not notice that so quickly. Thanks for sharing this as I am going to do a similar activity with my students.

  2. Hello! Great directions! I will refer back to this when I begin the student challenge with my 3rd graders.

    How are things going? I hope well!

    Thanks again for your help and guidance,

  3. Murcha
    Thanks for all those suggestions and I will get Teegan to do that. I think she will actually make a better job of it than me!!!!!!!! I am so lucky to have a student that quietly gives so much a go. I will also add in the links as you suggest.
    Thanks for calling. I feel rushed off my feet in the first weeks of school year. As you would appreciate I am the director of religious education, so I had school opening Mass to organise etc. And the heat.... Blogging is now focussing on my class blog!


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