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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How I Found Out I Can Set Target Links to Posts!

Since I began the teacher blogging challenge I have been learning some new things.  I have found out it is helpful for your reader to have a window close if I have directed my reader to another blog post on another site.  When the reader has read it, they can just click it away.

How did I learn this, well one of the teachers doing the challenge suggested this helps make an effective post.  I never even dreamed of that one!  It has shown me yet again, that visiting other blogs is a very important part of this challenge.  I learn from it.   Not many mentioned this aspect of a post. It wasn't until I happened in on Mel Cashen that I began to go on this mini exploration!  Thanks Mel.

I have seen that done but I didn't know how to do it. I went on a rather long mission, tried various things suggested by people that didn't work for me. Well then I went to Blogger help.  Of course, I know that should have been first port of call.

I then did some  reading  by Kay McGriff and she has a post on better blogging.  She makes some good points.  And she has her links opening in a window that closes!! Kay has obviously been blogging longer than myself.  Or is just somewhat more savvy! At first I did the link using the link button  but it was rather odd. However I tried it again without the button, just put in the html code and it was great.  I have another new skill.

I wish I could go one step further and show the html for this, but I can't get it to stay in the html coding, it turns itself into text! Anway it can be found at Blogger help. Yes I could have linked but Blogger is being difficult and I am outa here!
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  1. Hi Kaye, I loved reading this post. It is great to learn from others and that is one of the reasons for the Kick Start Your Blog Challenge. It is great that you persevered and shared your journey along the way. By sharing your experiences others will learn too. Some bloggers have said that they do not know what to write about, but you have shared your learning with us and they can too.

  2. Dear Kaye,
    WOW...you've worked hard and learned so many new tricks. I think that's impressive. Like you I'm trying new things during the challenge. One of the new things I'm working on is using Evernote...so today when I was trying to post a hyperlink in a comment box, I couldn't remember the instructions.

    So click!!!! I opened my Evernote and found Sue Waters excellent directions. I wish I could say that it worked beautifully. Sadly it didn't. What cracks me up is that my eyesight is such that I can't see the teeny, tiny writing in the note, so I missed a couple of HTML letters. And as we all know a couple of letters makes a world of difference. I'm determined to keep on trying.

    So here goes. check out my blog!!!. You'll either see a cool link or all the icky HTML coding that I messed up again.

    Thanks again for your insights and you go girl!!!

  3. Murcha and Marsha
    Thank you. I have been feeling really great because I learned something new. I get a real buzz. And it is so nice to have it acknowledged and celebrated. Smiling.

  4. Hello
    Reading your blog was just what I needed tonight - a solution to a problem I have had for a while . . . setting your links to open up a new window. I have done it with my wiki but could not work out how to do the same with my blog until I read a little bit of magic tonight. I followed your link to Kay's post and all was clear. I've tried it - it works and now I will slowly edit each post to correct this.
    My goal is to learn something new every day but today I've learnt so many new things my count has gone through the roof!
    Great image too - where did you get that?

  5. Hi,

    I am so glad that I could help others find this little trick. It certainly makes it easier to navigate around. I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and also found your class blog. I am now busy downloading audio books - thank you!


  6. Pam, Glad you found your answer. Learning something new just brings me so much satisfaction.
    Thank you again, and pleased you are enjoying downloading some books from my post on my class blog. I will probably doing the same when we go back to school!

  7. Pam
    Forgot to say, at the bottom of my post is the link to FlickrCC for photo.

  8. Hi Kathryn, That is one of the things that I have learnt from the blogging challenge too. To make linked text open up the url in a new window.It is so much easier to find where we started from. I click away and than get lost. However, I still forget at times.
    snipit is great as a screencast tool. Teachers in Victoria Australia have their a laptop program and that tool comes with our Windows version. I haven't had time to look at it properly but I really want to use if with my students. At them moment I use MS Powerpoint to create tutorials. Some of the new teachers in the challenge are quite new to technology, and it is so easy to forget how much they have to learn.


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