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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Setting up Pages on my Blog.

       "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the staircase." Marting Luther King.

My blog now has two extra pages.  When I began the teacher blogging challenge I had no About Me page, nor did I have a contact form.  I see these two new pages as being obvious ones for any blog.  Now it is going to take me awhile to think of what other pages I need or want to add.  Hence the Martin Luther King quote, in honour of the date yesterday/today!

I did have a brief About Me on the sidebar.  I have done a little spring cleaning to that. I have changed the words About Me, to read Welcome.  I have also shortened what I have placed there.  Instead I now have a full About Me page.  I have chosen a few photos that give a brief overview.  I note to myself that I prefer to be behind a camera, rather than in front of it. This year I think I will make sure that I get some more, so I can put a few of me in the classroom, into my About Me page.

I did some thinking about a Contact Me Form and decided to give it its own page.  To have this somewhere on my blog is important.  Last year I missed a comment from a teacher who was inviting our class to join The Bloggers Cafe. We had skyped earlier in the year, and H Miller was inviting us to some more collaboration through this blog.  I missed the comment of invitation, it went straight to spam and I only found it a few weeks ago.  Fortunately we can join in this year, but I can see that a Contact form is vital.

On my classroom page, pages were made naturally as the need arose, over the last few years.  I think it will be more difficult to decide the other pages on my teacher blog. I have a few ideas, possibly a page on the kinds of tools I have explored in my class.  Another page could contain my goals for 2011 and so on.  I think both those pages would be of benefit because it would either strike a spark for other teachers that they might try something similar.  Or they may have some pertinent advice to give that would save me a lot of mucking around in my learning. Self taught is great, but sometimes not the most economical!

Image: 'El cañon del Antilope, Antelope canyon.'



  1. Hello Kathryn I came back to check whether you got those bubbles to work and I see you have. They look great don't they. I love them being live, where you can grab them and drag them around. I use bubblus a lot with my students for reflection, revision and brainstorming. Have you used it before?

  2. Murcha
    No I hadn't used it before, it seems a really useful tool and I will be trying it out with my students.
    Do you have the paid version? Or just the free one? I assume if you delete, then you lose it on your blog as well! Thanks for the heads up on this tool.

  3. Hi Kathryn, I just use the free one and like, you I would assume that if you delete the bubble it will disappear from other online sites. How did you embed that form into your contact me page. Was it through google forms. It looks great and I am going to do that on my blog. Thank you for giving me the idea. That could go viral, you know. I also love the fact that you have 'people who have inspired me"!

  4. Murcha
    I did what I usually do!! I want something I google for it! My class edublogs one is no problem because it comes as part of the package I think.
    I think I just googled contact form. I had to put in my email address naturally, and then I was given the HTML for it. Theresa checked it out for me by contacting me so I know it works!


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