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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Reading 2012

The year is coming to a close and it is time to look back on 2012.  This was my first year of really making an effort to read some books that my students might be reading or could read. Why did I never do this before I ask myself? The books are excellent and it has made a difference to the way we view books in our classroom.  There are already very independent book worms in my classroom, but others have began to come on board.  I have more of a feel for what might suit a particular student.

I achieved my goal of 75 books read for the year.  I would have been happy with 52, one for each week of the year, but some graphic novels were speedily read.  I will be setting 52 for 2013, I like to read adult books as well and am aiming for 100 in that field, so I need to be realistic with middle grade and YA books.

On Kevin Hodgson's blog I noticed he had pulled up the stats for his reading over the year.  I only started at Goodreads for my children's and YA books this year, but have had a separate one for last three years for my other reading.   ( Makes for a split personality at times, but I like to link with students on Goodreads with my 'teacher' account.)  Anyway I pulled up the stats and it was a bit of fun to look back over the year in that way.
I chose to clip a part that Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt on top, because that is the book I really love and remember with my heart the most from this year's reading,  Loved it. 

I could even see how many pages I had read!  16 787
It might not be as many pages as others, it doesn't matter, I am happy to do this much, plus by the end of the day I will have 224 pages to add to it from my final book of the year.  It's coming in very close to Okay For Now, which I began the year with, so One For the Murphys is right up there too.

Finally a look at the years in which the books were published that I read. I have some early dates because I did manage to get about 18 of the Newbery award books read.
The books have been very rewarding to read.  As a teacher I enjoyed some of the comments on the Christmas cards that I received  from my students, which showed they 'got' that I was reading.

A student who hates to be without a book wrote on the card, "from one book lover to another".
A student who has finally started to enjoy reading in 2012 ( have taught her for three years) wrote in the card, " Don't wary I won't stop reading in the holidays." and finally a student who I haven't been able to entice into a love of reading even though she can easily read says, "I will do some  Reading in the holidays when I can."  

I love the books and I love the students, so until 2013........ when it begins all over again.

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