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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Savouring the Small Moments.

I often wish that over my years of teaching I had kept track of some of the comments and happenings in my classroom. Those moments that warm my heart. Perhaps if there had been blogging back then, I may have!

This week: 
Tuesday: As I am sitting at my computer marking the roll before I go to lunch, the last student out says, "Thanks for the  gaming Miss T".  ( We have just started the Quest in Gamestar Mechanic.)
Still focused on the roll I reply, "You enjoyed that?"
"I didn't just enjoy it, I LOVED it!"

Wednesday: At the end of the day we are reading the 12 Tasks of Hercules. We have a bit of a conversation about Greek and Roman gods.  Unknowingly I offend one of the Year 8 boys with my opinion about them. ( I only have limited knowledge of them based on Rick Riordan's books!). Fortunately his mother clues me in on how he is feeling. I realise I brushed over his opinion.  I understand he hasn't felt heard, so the next day, while seemingly having a reading conference with him, I apologise for not listening to him properly, explain that my knowledge of the gods is limited, and after some deep discussion we are on the best of terms again.

Thursday: After morning tea, we are again on Gamestar Mechanic and completing the next mission. I am watching the whiteboard, where one of the student's games is showing as he plays it. His Year 8 partner stands beside me viewing it as well.
"What if we don't get this finished today?" he enquires.
"It can be finished for homework." I reply.
"Hmm, not bad, gaming for homework!" he says in his understated droll way, a slight gleam in his eye.

Friday:  Friday has a few large chunks taken out of it each week with other curriculum areas so we have shorter time for Literacy and Maths.  This Friday I took the Literacy time to administer a STAR reading test. After morning tea, someone is demanding in the background, "When is Literacy today?" The look of disdain and disappointment on her face when she learns we've had it for today, warms my literacy loving  heart!

As we leave for the day, I remind students that Monday is Labour Day, that we have a long weekend, so don't come to school. "What's Labour Day?" someone asks. The bell has gone so my answer is short! "Labour means work, we've worked hard all year, Monday is the day to appreciate it and rest!" (Probably not accurate but....)
"Oh, says a Year 8 girl, I thought labour was the birth of a baby!"
"Well when a baby is born, the mother does a lot of hard work, so I guess that is why it is called 'labour'." I reply.
"Oh, I never knew that," she says, and others nod their head.

And so the week ends.  A week to savour!


  1. You're absolutely right - having a record of those moments to look back on after a hard day would indeed reinvigorate us and remind us of our purpose in and passion for education. I might start doing this! Thanks for sharing - perhaps writing a blog post like this regularly will help you keep a record.

    1. Jessica
      Yes I think I too will begin to track and record these small moments of intimacy in the classroom.

  2. I think it's great that you captured some of these small moments. Over time, it will warm your heart as you re-visit some of the posts. I enjoyed hearing about your week, too, Kathryn. Thank you!

  3. Linda
    As I recall them they do indeed make me smile. Thanks for visiting, my reading of has come to a halt so I have been missing the Monday meme. Must get back to it.

  4. Once again taken time to read what you are up to. I am inspired to use my new tablet to get blogging and share what we are getting up to with this digital learning.

  5. At uni we were encouraged to begin a Blue Day Book- which was essentially just a collection of things that make us remember why we love teaching. Letters from students or parents, a piece of work you thought would never get done, class photographs, annocdotes, song lyrics, poems.
    It is the small things that make a big difference. A family at our school always sends in a cake on World Teachers Day- a small gesture means a whole staffroom of teachers go home feeling appreciated.

    1. Great idea for Blue Book. I love teaching and those small moments just keep the momentum going. Today a student showed a small gain in reading level, it has been slow, but I am happy that she is making progress!


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