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Monday, May 14, 2012

Meme What are you Reading?

Again I am joining in the meme over at Mentor Texts.
Hop on over and join in over at the Mentor Text Blog. Just click on the picture below.

This last week I read The Red Pyramid, the first of the Kane Chronicles.  It was good and I enjoyed the humour.  This book had a lot of action and adventure as well as Egyptian mythology.  It is not my favourite genre, however I enjoyed it enough to read on into the series.  So sometime this year I will read the next one.

I also have been listening to Insurgent - and am about half way through. This book too is full of action!  What did I just say about lots of action, can't be listening to myself.  I am really enjoying this audio version.

For the coming week I plan to finish listening to Insurgent and then reading Holes by Louis Sachar.  It is one I have been planning to read for ages, also being the 1999 Newbery medal winner, it means I cross
 another medal book off my list as read.

I am also reading all over the web as I gather information on digital storytelling and the making of videos aspect of that.  This morning I was just reading Matthew Needleman say that media literacy is important, and by making a movie it helps us to analyse and think critically about visual media. So I still have a lot of reading to do just on his blog!


  1. I'm just starting Divergent, Kathryn. Wow, with all the reading of this book, it's like a book club for the series! I guess this is from the influence of the Hunger Games. Perhaps when I finish I can find the audio of this next one. Thanks for telling about The Red Pyramid. I didn't know it too was a series.

    1. Linda
      The funny thing is I read Divergent ever before I read the Hunger Game trilogy. When I could cope with Divergent, I finally got up the courage to read Hunger Games. Silly me! Why did I put it off!

  2. It seems as though "Insurgent" is every where...as Linda said, the Hunger Games has influenced so much already! "Holes" is one of those all time favorites - reading it always gives the class so much to talk about!

  3. Holes is so so wonderful. I bet you will love it! Good to know that the Insurgent audiobook is good. I'll have to track it down. I think I would do better listening to Insurgent than reading it. I thought the Red Pyramid was worth a read. Not my genre either, but it was entertaining.

  4. Holes packs alot more emotion than you would expect. A good read. Enjoy!

  5. I love the Kane Chronicles- not as much as Percy Jackson, but more than the Heroes of Olympian series. I have The Serpent's Shadow, but I haven't gotten around to it. Same with Insurgent- I got them both on 5/1, but they are just hanging out in a pile waiting for me.

    Happy reading this week :)


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