Taken from a painting of Kapiti Island at Sunset.
by Sonia Savage.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I think I Prefer Screenr.

Yesterday in the post below I made a screeencast that took me a long time to figure out and at the end I was not that happy with the quality.  I also had to download the software, and that can be a nuisance when you are dealing with computers and a server.

So today I thought I would try Screenr.  This is an online service so nothing needs to be downloaded, and I can embed it in a blog.  So I tried it out and I was much happier.  The sound is reasonably good, despite a little hiss, and the picture is significantly clearer.

I can definitely see this little piece of software being very user friendly for my class.  They often teach each other about blogging, so this could inspire them to make a series of tutorials that we could have as a bank for new students. They could then follow them in their own time.  They do need to log in, but this can be done easily with your google email, which the students have.  The other requirement is Java, and I know we have that installed, I am not sure if its updated but that is easily seen to - I think!

Here is a very brief video to my students using the reply button for threaded comments, which we are not doing! Myself included.

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