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by Sonia Savage.

Monday, February 6, 2012

What My Teacher Needs to Know

In response to a meme from Declairing It!  Click on  her blog to see the origin of the meme.

I  need my teacher to know I like a safe learning environment. I rely on you to initiate that, we can work together to maintain and build a safe learning environment, but I need your lead. I need to know deep within me that I can take the risk of being wrong and equally of being right.  I never want to be embarrassed or made to feel  uncomfortable  by the teacher or my fellow classmates.

I need boundaries set.  I need my teacher to set boundaries that will help us all to stay safe and make it easy to learn. 

I need my teacher to be planned and prepared and to offer me an engaging learning environment.  I like to be included in the planning and I like help to set and meet my learning goals.  I like those goals and the work undertaken  to be relevant to me.

I need  to be respected as an individual and I need my teacher to really see me.  I need to know I am accepted as me and then to be challenged to be the very best me.

I need my teacher to be human and his/herself.  I need my teacher to allow me to be a human.  We are all at times tired, annoyed, or fail to meet expectations. I appreciate an acknowledgement from my teacher when he/she gets it wrong.  I am willing to make allowances for my teacher and I would like that too from my teacher.  I need my teacher to really enjoy being with me in the classroom – happy to come to school each day.

So what do you think a student would say that they need? This last week my class wrote our mission statement for the year.  They certainly wanted to be accepted as themselves.

 If you have a blog and are reading this I invite you to have your say.


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