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by Sonia Savage.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quality Commenting Update.

In January I took part in a quality commenting meme started at the Langwitches blog.  I returned to school in February with renewed enthusiasm to teach and support my class to write quality comments.  I have not expected them at this early stage to write blog posts.  Rather I have put my efforts into teaching about quality commenting.  Many of the students have made a flying start - the experienced ones.  I still need to support those less experienced.

I prepared the  following slideshare, to use with my class. The slides I made contain comments from my students of last year.  I am not sure if they were horrified to see them, but I was!  

Commenting presentation
View more presentations from Miskaytea.

Here are a couple of comments left by students on the class blog.  I am delighted with the stepping up that the students have managed since our exploration about commenting.

Great video Miss T! What movie making tool did you use? I guess I’m very lucky getting the opportunity to go sailing!
I was really surprised how easy it was to sail. I’m also glad there was two to a boat because it was really hard sailing back to shore with just me to a boat. I also think I was lucky that I was with Jordan because he was really good at controlling the sail. I got better at steering as the day went on and by the end of the day we could easily avoid crashing against other boats. (If we didn’t want to ram into them)
I’m also a little disappointed because for most of the day there wasn’t much wind so we had to skull. (using the rudder/steering to propel us along slowly) But when the wind picked up, Jordan and I went speeding across the waves.
Hope we can do more of the same fun activities during the year, Antonio.

Hi Miss T,
I really enjoyed the the Yachting yesterday. It was fun, and wet. During the day, I had 2 partners, Cameron (before lunch) and Neo (after lunch). I ended up in 3 yachts though. 1,6, and 1. I really wanted to go in a red yacht, but they were all taken, so I used 2 white yachts instead.
Dean was really fun, and enthusiastic about yachting. He made sure that he told us all the safety precautions, gave us all a life jacket, thermal under layer, and a water proof top.
I really enjoyed the Yachting and I really want to do it again.
Daniel S

Hi Miss T,
Nice video, I really enjoyed the yachting as well. I was quite surprised about easy it was to get the yacht going. I held the sail while Monique steered. The hardest part of the day was getting in a line and swapping boats in the middle of the lagoon. The best part was the two races because Monique and I came first in one and second in the other. :) During the boat swap the boat Monique got into floated away from the one I was in, so for the second half I was with Cameron.
The only negative of the whole day was almost suffocating in the terribly hot thermals underneath the bulky life jackets, and leaving to go back to school of course. :(
The instructor , Dean was really nice, he gave me a ride on his boat and did spins and stuff. He made sure we were all completely safe at all times.
The yachting was a great experience and I can’t wait to get the display up!
Have you ever been on a yacht?
All comments are far superior to anything written last year.  Thank you to the initiator of the meme and a special thank you to Kathleen Morris.


  1. Hi Kathryn,

    I absolutely appreciate your dedication in helping your students with quality commenting. I am glad you came back to this to share how your class has been progressing in this new school year.

    I am going to put a link to this on my post to share with others.

    Kind regards,

  2. Tracy
    Again thank you. I have noticed my students making a real effort with the commenting. I think the commenting meme was the best PD I did for awhile! So thank you for inviting me! I can't believe we are three weeks back at school over here. Weeks creep by quickly and I wonder where they go. However I can count commenting teaching and learning as a plus.

    Kind regards


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