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by Sonia Savage.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Classroom Setting Up - Week One.

I have a new determination to be a little more organised with the way my classroom has items organised.  I want to do this for ease of access for myself and my students.  So at the end of week one of year we are on the way to being organised and clutter free!

As we have no personal desk space, this year I have a bucket for each student.  They can name it and carry it wherever they need to go.  They have the option of removing the handles if they want.  These were inexpensive - $2.18 each from Mitre 10.

In it they have the books they are reading, their reading notebooks and writing notebooks, pencil cases and headphones.
So far they are proving to be a very good option.

I also found exactly the same buckets but in colour at Briscoes, on sale they worked out at $1.75.
 Each of these contains exercise books for such things as Maths, Religious Education, etc.

I have containers marked with pencils, sharpeners, scissors, pens, plasters, rulers.

The students have most of these themselves but every teacher knows that sometimes they don't!

Also it is where I dip into when I need things. So we share.

Notice student bucket being used!

Here the students have decided what genre books are in the green container.  They are making a label for it and adding stickers to the front covers so that they can easily return the books to the bin when they have finished reading it.
It took us longer than I thought, however many hands make light work and it saved me a few hours.

We only have a small class library, however this will slowly be added to as time goes by.

We also access books from home, the school library, the local Kapiti library once a fortnight and the National School Library Service provides us with 30 books at a time.

All in all I am very pleased with my decluttering!  I am working at present on my desk space, which is a small desk for my computer and a small table.  I want to sort that a little more so that I can readily access what I need. Perhaps a few nails in the wall coming up?!


  1. Hi Kathryn

    Yay for you re: decluttering and sorting. Isn't it the best feeling! I've also had a massive clean out and sort ... and am spending a fair amount of time teaching order & organisation (poor kids). Doesn't order look and feel so peaceful.

    What a great idea with the black buckets. I'm sure the students will find them handy.


    1. Organisation has never been my strength. We just did a staff walk through of classes. One of staff said, "you never did this when I was in your class!" Ha, ha! Very young and green I was then. I laughed when she said it and said, yes just as I get near retiring I learn. But then I never had the internet to see ideas!!


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