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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Using Digistore.

If you are a teacher in New Zealand do you use Digistore?  Until I attended Ulearn11 I have to admit I hadn't.  I knew of its existence and had looked at it briefly last year.  At least I knew my school log on and password which helped me, when I decided to explore it further, having attended the workshop about Digistore. As there is a copyright clause for it, only New Zealand teachers may use it. Perhaps in the future that will change.

To start with you need to log on to TKI using your sector service log on.

Once you are logged on to TKI scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the digistore.

The very first time you do this you will need to have your school log on details for logging on to the digistore. Once you have put this in, every other time you will only have to sign into TKI, and you will be able to access the digistore without having any further log on necessary.

Once there explore around, especially take notice of the wiki, which is a great place to go to, to learn various things about how the digistore operates.

After you have had an exploration time you can begin to build your own learning pathways that can later be shared with students. Today I have begun to do that, I was keeping in mind the needs of my students and the poetry topic we are going to be doing.  I made a folder called Poetry and then I added various learning objects I found to the folder.  These together make up my learning pathway. 

 Inside my learning path there are the learning activities for my students to engage with.

Before I added the learning activities I had clicked on View details to check it out, you do need to work through the activity yourself to decide on its relevance.

Having worked through the above activity, I am impressed and I know it will be a valuable addition to the unit of work.

When my learning path is ready, I post a link to the digistore on my wiki,  on the poetry page, for the students. I have placed the pin there that they will need to access the learning pathway.  They only need this pin to access it, they do not need to log on with passwords or emails.  

I am now looking forward to trying out the learning pathway I have created with the students when the right moment in the unit arrives.

If you have not tried digistore then perhaps start with this slideshare presented by Suzie Vesper at #Ulearn11. She explains it all far better than myself! However I was practising using Jing rather than the snipping tool I usually use!  Thanks Suzie for the enthusiasm and great presentation.

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