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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embedding Video in Posts.

Where were we in 2010?
I have used video to embed in my class blog in a low key way so far.  We have a Canon digital camera per class for photo taking and video clips.  It works well and as a low budget option it is very good. I might take clips of an event and choose clips to put together using Windows Moviemaker.  This works reasonably well, and a title, text and music is able to be added. This year I have bought another low budget Canon digital camera as now students are beginning  to include the idea of some simple video making into their reportoire. Here is one example of what some of them did in December.

I have used Photostory to put photos, voice and music together to make a simple video.  Many of my students used Photostory in 2010 to make book trailers. These worked really well.  However getting round some roadblocks slows down the process. We do have a small room the students can use for recording, which is helpful, but using one computer and one mic it takes awhile to process through a class with 30 students.  I still believe it was worthwhile and will do it again. Photostory is a great free piece of software.

Occasionally I embed video that we have not made but is worth embedding. Last year I found an excellent video made at School Tube on using Glogster.  This had been made by another teacher, and was perfect for the purpose.  We watched it together, then students could go back to it as needed.  I have also embedded a video on cardmaking by a teacher in Greece, from You Tube.  We then made some similar cards, organised an animoto with them and alerted her to come and share our success. 

So what of 2011? 
This year it is my main goal to make and embed a variety of video.  Firstly I want to make some video myself to share with parents some of the changes in learning since they were at school.  I have a Canon DSLR that I want to use for this, I just need to learn how to use it properly first! I also intend using some software that gives me a lot more choice in editing.  At this point in time I am veering towards Vegas Movie Studio.

I  also want to include the students in helping me to do this.  Firstly I will include them in sharing Maths learning with parents.  If anyone has seen Mr. Salsich's videos, these are the ones I hold up to myself as a model.  I want the students to prepare these, getting them thought out first, writing scripts and then shooting and editing them.  I am really looking forward to trying it.

That's my starting point!  Who knows where we will end up?

Please fill out the survey. I am very interested.  Also any hints that you have, I would be very interested to hear.


  1. I like your poll and how you've used the cameras. At my school, foreign language teachers have videotaped children speaking at regular intervals through the year so that the children as well as their parents can see the progress that they have made.

    On a personal note, how have you gotten Link Within to work? I haven't been having much luck with it.

  2. I also liked the poll. If you have students with iPHones, I would recommend the Storyrobe app. It allows you to record audio and video with a phone and then makes a pretty neat little presentation. It is very basic, but it is a free app.

    Nice post. Mine can be found here. http://lauriefowler.blogspot.com/2011/01/nerve-wracking.html


  3. Thanks for sharing what you hope to do with your class. I think these reflections are a really great outcome of challenges like this. Sharing them with others gives them ideas as well. I also found the sites you referred to helpful eg Mr Salsich's vidoes.
    I find music often a problem as the kids want something quick and something that sounds good. Here are two sites that I like to use as both are royalty free and their crediting requirments are give on the site. http://www.danosongs.com and http://www.jewelbeat.com Have you any suggestions on good music for backgrounds. Animoto and photostory have some great selections within their software.

  4. Lydia I will get back to you on your blog re link within.

    Laurie I am not sure if any of my students have iphones but will check when they get back. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Murcha thanks for your music sites, I will check them out and add them to my class blog. So far we have either made own music on say photostory or used incompetech which has royalty free music. I actually am hopeless with music, do not have a musical bone in me, nor interest really!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Kathryn for completing my poll, I have done the same for you. I am finding it so interesting reading about the different tools teachers are using with their students.

  6. As you know, you're first up on my visit list in the edublogs challenge - borrowing as I am your blog roll!

    It's actually wonderful that this is the first one I visited because your experience mirrors mine - that's always affirming. If you read my post for this challenge activity, you'll know where I am in this journey. The title of my post is :"Teacher, be a learner - step out of your comfort zone". That teacher is me.


  7. btw, I enjoyed your little survey. I haven't used polldaddy before but have played with Surveys in Sharepoint as well as in Blogger.

  8. Kathryn,

    Thanks for sharing your Mr. Salsich’s video. I can see why you use that as your example. You mentioned using Photostory with your students in 2010 to make book trailers. I need to make one for my graduate class. How successful where you students in creating book trailers. Do you have a blog for working with your students and the process? How did you evaluate your students’ videos? I would like to try this with my students but for artwork. I am still learning how to embed.

    Mrs. Berry

    Here is my post for challenge six.

  9. Mrs Berry
    The book trailers worked very well, considering the age of students 9 -11 years. I do have a classroom blog which is http://mistea.edublogs.org
    We evaluated them by watching them and asking what was great and what would need to be improved next time. (The improvements were obvious. Here is a link to one, keep in mind they are simple! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcMOHOiC4I0
    Keep in mind we didn't make attribution, one of the areas for improvement.

  10. Mrs Berry
    Here are the links done a little better!

    Class Blog
    Book Trailer

  11. I am a video of our Show Choir at competition that I am trying to figure out how to embed on the school website.

    I think I will just move it to my teacher blog (which definitely needs updating) and put it there.

    Of course, I still have to figure out how to do it.

  12. I'm also looking for new ways for students to capture learning with video they have created. I have tried Vegas Studio and it's easy to use. Still looking for a simplier tool for students to use. I look forward to seeing what types of videos you can create. And if you want to do a cross the world video connection feel free to challenge my class.


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