Taken from a painting of Kapiti Island at Sunset.
by Sonia Savage.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Good Laugh Makes the Day So Much Brighter.

With the earthquake in Christchurch making quite an impact on our minds, in class we have been exploring the effects of an earthquake on a city. While we are in the North Island we are well aware of what is going on down south and we are learning so much.

Today we were in groups listing what we should have in our emergency earthquake kits. (I don't have one, but starting this weekend that is going to be remedied!) When each group had a list we shared and combined it into one. (I have quite a bit of gathering to do to build one.)

As young 9yr old M... went out the door she giggled and told me in her group they couldn't quite bring the word 'kettle' so they wrote down 'wireless boiling system'. I laugh each time I recall it, it is only today's child that would come up with that. Well yes, I do have a 'wireless boiling system' i.e. kettle. So at least I do have one thing on the list.

Now I need to purchase the item that will provide the heat to boil the water.


  1. Dear Ms Tea

    I cant seem to find your email address, so forgive the comment here. Do you remember our skype call earlier in the year? Well for us that has been the start of many collaborative projects which have led to a great year. I was wondering if you would be at Ulearn10 by any chance as I am coming over to present on a number of things including 'working in a classroom without walls' in which I will mention our call. I also wanted to see if your class would like to join The Blogger's Cafe? see website for more details.

    Henrietta Miller

  2. Thank you Henrietta.I would like to join my class. I apologise for missing this comment, which got lost in the spam! I have added a comment to the Blogger's Cafe requesting that we would love to join up.


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