Taken from a painting of Kapiti Island at Sunset.
by Sonia Savage.

Monday, August 2, 2010


This term I have begun using a SRA reading laboratory where the children take cards at their level and answer the comprehension and vocabulary questions, then use an answer card to mark it.

It is rather American in concept, however as teachers we remember them with nostalgia when we were students at school, and so we were keen to have one. We are into our second week of using the lab, and I think it is quite popular. Of course it is not a complete reading programme and I recognise that. We will use it as a supplementary addtion to the class programme. I am looking forward to hearing what the students think of it in another few weeks.


  1. Hi. I recall reading something similar when I was at St Joseph's in Papanui, Christchurch in the 1960s. The coloured grading brings back memories.

    Roly (Monique's dad)

  2. Yes, I suspect most of us worked with an SRA in the '60's. I think todays 2010's are enjoying it.

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  4. i was born in 1957. we were the first in USA to use the "SRA", a new government industry project for individual self education. people of any age could gain most skills with no cost of employees or other restrictions. computers and networks were in use in the 1950s (not in the 1970s, the company people lied). every person could have had a free radio computer since 1976 (for the cost of one book, already part of the government budget) to use anywhere in the world (radio travels at light speed, 1.5 seconds to the Moon). children should be paid for work, and given credit for power to control resources when they gain skill, to reduce social domination and crime (many people in control of government and industry can not speak a real language). i was discredited by the primitive US public school system, but accepted by colleges, with no money to go. i have studied everything i could find for 50 years.
    - james mcashan, candidate for the United States Senate

  5. I can remember reading the cards and being so exciting in thoughts of the future. even back then they talked about futuristic cars that would take you to your destination just by programming it in. I would dream of that day , and now we are actually talking about it as a reality today.


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