Taken from a painting of Kapiti Island at Sunset.
by Sonia Savage.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Organised to Stressed in a Blink

All in a matter of minutes. I thought I was well organised, and then boom, I couldn't find the Australasian Spelling tests I was about to administer to a group of students. What made it worse was the students were to be out later in the day so the pressure was on.

So while my class did an assignment I searched. I felt really pressured. I know I had them yesterday. After 15 minutes of looking, I found them, put away by accident with something else. So in a flurry I started to gather the students who were sitting. The tests were at different levels, then I found I had more papers than students!! More panic. I tore down to the office and got the updated list and called in the final student.

Ah, organised at last. We got the test done and the class was sort of getting settled into normalcy. Test done.

My class had then gone off to do orienteering and while I was 'sitting' a younger class I did the checking on the spelling. ARRRRRRRRRHHHH!! I have mixed up the tests given the Year 5 tests to the Year 6's and vice versa. Some rubbing out, and now we will have to redo them.

Some days might start well, but they can turn to custard and slide downhill very quickly. I am an organised person but today I'm not showing up as organised. I could feel my self really pressured, I am sure the blood pressure I am trying to lower was way higher than it should be. I believe next time I lose something I will say to myself I will let it go for now and come back to it later. But I hate losing things.

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