Taken from a painting of Kapiti Island at Sunset.
by Sonia Savage.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today I have meandered!

Today I have figured out a little more how Blogger works. I am still inclined to like wordpress better for blogging, but after I figured out how to configure this page a little better, it's growing on me. Of course the big plus is there is no cost! I will still renew my subscription to my class blog this year in edublogs, especially as I have most of my last year's class returning.

I have spent quite a bit of time mucking around on the internet, I have a few blogs I like to visit, I sent a reply back on our class blog to Kim, who has moved to Arlington, Washington. She has been sharing a little about what it will be like in school over there. When she starts I hope she will tell me more. One of the advantages of blogging is that students who move to another country can still keep in contact for as long as they want. Stella moving to Australia is another.

I found a teacher's blog in the U.S.A that I enjoyed reading. My Reading Today arrived in the mail and I browsed that, but I don't want to start thinking about going back to school yet for at least another week!

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