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by Sonia Savage.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday: Staff Day. NZ Curriculum.

On Friday we met as a staff to take the next step in implementing the NZ Curriculum which as 2010 begins is now the official NZ Curriculum. It is an excellent document, it looks to now and the future. As our facilitator we had one of the people who worked on this curriclum and we had an excellent morning with her. While the curriculum is there as a national document each school is able to take it and implement it in their own way according to the make up of the school communitiy. So as a school we have to decide the weight we give to some of the learning areas as we can't give equal emphasis to it all, there isn't the time. We have to take into account our vision and values as well as the national requirements for Literacy and Numeracy.

This document also names 5 key competencies that every student needs to develop to grow into successful learners and people. For those of you who would like to read about the five key competencies you can visit the NZ curriculum site. These competencies thread all though the day and are part of every learning area and activity. These key competencies are not new! Any adult will recognise them as important aspects of living and working in todays society. However they are so important they cannot be left to chance.

In term one as a school we will continue to explore Thinking, with an emphasis on the reflective and critical and responding aspects of thinking. We will also be focussing on participating and contributing. From managing self we have highlighted the importance of high standards and setting personal goals. Other key competencies of course are still being developed, but if we don't highlight some each term its easy to forget about their importance.

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